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Home of the SK3 Swivel Knife, the LW Round Knife & more leather craft tools

Leather Wranglers SK-3 Swivel Knife Features

Paul showcases the LW SK-3 Swivel Knife - its different parts, features, and advantages. Customized to fit your carving style and comfort. 

Swivel Knife Technique: Cutting

Paul covers the reason we sometimes get swivel knife undercuts, and how to avoid them with proper swivel knife technique. 

The Leather Wranglers Round Knife

(2010) Paul Zalesak demonstrates the LW Round Knife: our innovative pull-cut design, and other features that adds to the smooth cutting comfort and ease of this high performance leather craft tool.

Leather Wranglers Mini Lui Round Knife

Paul demonstrates the LW Mini Lui Round Knife and compares it to our standard sized LW Round Knife.

The Leather Wranglers Guppy

Paul demonstrates the LW Guppy - how it was designed, how it's held, and some of the different blade styles we offer.

Leather Wranglers Tranto Trim Knife

Paul demonstrates the very versatile, two-edged LW Tranto Trim Knife and a few of its best applications.

Leather Wranglers Skiver

Paul Zalesak demonstrates our double-sided LW Skiver, its unique ergonomic handle, features, and function.

LW Sakura - Japanese-style Leather Craft Knife

Paul demonstrates our Sakura Japanese-style leather craft knife, including some of the options, sizes, and shapes.

How to Sharpen your LW Round Knife in under 15 minutes

(2010) In under 15 minutes Paul Zalesak will show you how to sharpen and strop your Leather Wranglers Round Knife.

Leather Wranglers -- LW Round Knife and the PERK

Paul Zalesak, of Leather Wranglers, answers questions about the differences and similarities between our LW Round Knife and the PERK (Performance Essentials Round Knife).

How to Sharpen your Swivel Knife blade

Paul demonstrates how to sharpen your swivel knife blade for the best, consistently sharp edge. 

The Awl of Spades

Paul demonstrates our innovative, tool-less blade change "Awl of Spades" stitching awl, as it easily goes through thick, tough leather.

Draw Gauge Blade

Paul demonstrates how our LW Draw Gauge blade works, including its features, how to set it up on the Osborne crossbar, and safety tips.