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Customer Testimonials - Leather Craft Knives Feedback

Swivel Knife feedback


 "I get asked at least 3 times a week about the tools I use. The SK-3 by Leather Wranglers. If you do more than stamp and stitch, then this knife is a must have. They produce nice, silky cuts that seem to go on forever and is really comfortable in your hand. Stropping will feel like an option when you're using these knives because the blades hold an edge for so long..." -- Jimmy Compton, The Proper Gentleman, Fort Worth, TX

“Paul, I was a little disappointed in having to sharpen one of my 3/8" blades today. I bought this blade 4 years ago, have used it nearly six days a week and now I have to sharpen it for the first time, don't let your quality slip, I thought it was going to last me forever! I have never had a blade to wear like this, I love them and so does everyone I show them to, they can't believe how smooth they cut. Thank you Paul!” -- Milt Kenner, Dandridge, TN

"I'm excited to have the absolute BEST tools and to know that these will be cherished by generations to come... Whether they're for a hobbyist or a full time professional/master - your tools are a must have." -- Josh Stevens, Owner, Stevens Leather Co., Holt, MO 

"I'm forever grateful on what I've been able to achieve with the knife… I’ve had it over a year now and it doesn’t yet need sharpening. Pretty amazing..." -- Drew Yeo, Owner, Drews Custom Leather, Florence, AZ  

"To actually become the proud owner of such a fine cutting instrument was a thrill only a fellow leather worker could appreciate. As I was placing it back in the handy little holster after the initial "test drive," my first thought was "Wow, what a knife!" Now I find my consideration of new project ideas centered around carving, just so I can use my SK-3 again. Did I say "Wow....what a knife yet"?!.......Well, some things deserve repeating. Thank you for your craftsmanship." -- Clarence Johns, Lexington, KY  

"All I can say is WOW!¡!.... I read many reviews of your swivel knife and heard nothing but positive things... It's infinity times better than how good I heard it was already... blade cuts crazy smooth." -- Andrew Aldape, Fresno, CA  

"These knives are a must for any leather crafter. They stay sharper, cut smoother and deeper than any other knife I own." -- William Elliott, Early, TX  

"I have the SK3 swivel knife... I am TRULY impressed! It slid thru the leather like a hot knife thru butter! I wish I had known how easily your knives work sooner, as they make it so much easier on these stiff knuckles of mine."  -- Doug Mayo, Vanceboro, NC 

"The "Al Gould" SK-3 has got to be the finest swivel knife I have used in over 40 years of leather work!"  -- Phil Reid, N. Little Rock, AR  

"I can't believe it! I carved a day and a half and still haven't had to strop the blade!" -- Bob Park, Phoenix, AZ  

"I wanted to say how much I am enjoying my swivel knife... I LOVE IT!  If every beginner like me started out with this knife there would be a lot more of us still out there! " -- Nihla McCabe, Cortez, CO  

"Just wanted you to know how much better it works than the ceramic blade I have been using. It almost looks as if I know what I am doing now. Can't thank you enough..." --Harry Knipe, Grand Junction, CO  

"I bought a SK-3 swivel knife and I'll never ever go back to anything else. I have a few ruby blades I really liked but since this one, even they have to take a step back. I know it's more than most want to pay but for me, it was well worth it... this little gadget has made my carving life soooo much easier, faster, and more fun." -- Tina Croff, Leather Fantasy, Davison, Michigan 

Round Knife Feedback


"After receiving the round knives and using them for a couple of days, Paul, I just called to tell you, these knives are absolute works of art! Your signature sunburst grind is pure artistry, and the fit and finish is near perfection. The sharpness is amazing! Furthermore, after watching your videos on sharpening, I must tell you that your instruction on sharpening is the best. I have sharpened thousands of knives and have had many other people sharpen knives for me, and yours is the best!” -- Rick Gallagher, Owner, Galco International LTD, Phoenix, AZ

"I picked up my (round) knife today and it is incredible. First-rate craftsmanship and I could hardly believe how light it is. I briefly got to try it out on some scrap this afternoon and it fit my hand perfectly. My arthritis thanks you. The blade design and sharpness is everything I had heard it was. Thanks again I love it! -- Danny Buckley, Alachua, FL  

"There are a few tools I really like to use, my Leather Wranglers round knife transcends from like into whatever is the next level: euphoric." -- John Davis, Albuquerque, NM   

"I received the round knife and already tested it. It is awesome! Straight cuts, curves, skiving was smooth and easy. The knife is so light it feels like it is part of your hand... Thank you for such a magnificent blade. I am sure it will last a lifetime. It is very light, but extremely sharp." -- Zoraida Ramirez, San German, Puerto Rico 

"I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this round knife could very well be the nicest in the world!! Thank you Paul for building me the last round knife I will ever need! It is an amazing piece of functional art! I am completely blown away!! You absolutely out did yourself!! I will be proud to pass this heirloom quality knife on one day! It will outlast me for sure." -- Justin Aragon, Owner, Whiskey Bent Leather, Queen Creek, AZ  

"Got the knife in the other day and took it for a test drive :) SHARP is an understatement!! I pulled out a piece of nasty hard leather that my other knife had troubles cutting and this thing moved through it like air!!! Now I'm wondering how I ever got any work done without it." --Allen Mewes, Lewiston, ID 

"I really am impressed with my new LW round knife… what magic! I am so glad I opted for the pull cut feature - it really adds an extra dimension. The design is very effective especially for hands that aren't working at 100%... Your knife really does make an amazingly controlled clean cut! It is so incredibly rare in this day to actually get what you pay for and so much more." -- Jennifer Ashley, Victoria, Australia  

"In the last 10 years of professional leather work, yours is the most advanced round knife pattern I have come across. It is an absolute pleasure to use every time I pick it up." -- Matt Whitaker, Frontier Gun Leather, Palm Springs, CA 

"The round knife is incredible! It goes through 7-8 oz. leather with very little downward pressure and goes through 5 oz. with no downward pressure - just the weight of the knife." -- Troy Schesso, Blaine, MN  

"I have the Leather Wranglers Round Knife and it's not only beautiful, but it's the best I’ve ever used - bar none! It’s completely functional and sexy! I’ve used several different head knives, but this is the first one with a pull cut - and it is by far the coolest addition I’ve ever seen on a knife! I find myself using it more and more than anything else." -- Danny Castaneda, Austin, TX