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Customer Testimonials - Round Knives, Trim knives, and the SK-3 Swivel Knife

Please stop by our Tips & Tricks page and see our videos on how to sharpen your SK-3 Swivel Knife blade, and watch Paul demonstrate the unique features and use of the Round Knife and Skiver.

"I love the knife they made for me. I consider it to be the best knife I own! It's so sharp it's scary! Thank you, Leather Wranglers! -- Ralph Pinheiro, Flagstaff, AZ (February 2017)

"I picked up my knife from the post office today and it is incredible. First rate craftsmanship and I could hardly believe how light it is. I briefly got to try it out on some scrap this afternoon and it fit my hand perfectly. My arthritis thanks you. The blade design and sharpness is everything I had heard it was. Thanks again I love it! -- Danny Buckley , Alachua, FL (February 2016)

"There are a few tools I really like to use, my Leather Wranglers round knife transcends from like into whatever is the next level: euphoric." -- John Davis, Albuquerque, NM (May 2014)

"I received the knife and already tested it. It is awesome! Straight cuts, curves, skiving was smooth and easy. The knife is so light it feels like it is part of your hand... Thank you for such a magnificent blade. I am sure it will last a lifetime. It is very light, but extremely sharp." -- Zoraida Ramirez, San German, Puerto Rico (May 2014)

"I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this round knife could very well be the nicest in the world... Paul certainly out did himself!! Thank you Paul for building me the last round knife I will ever need! It is an amazing piece of functional art! I am completely blown away!! You absolutely out did yourself!! I will be proud to pass this heirloom quality knife on one day! It will outlast me for sure." -- Justin Aragon, Whiskey Bent Leather, Queen Creek, AZ (March 2014)

"The LW Round knife has made cutting patterns so much easier, and enjoyable, especially around those tight corners, while the SK-3 swivel knife has taken my confidence and ability to the next level. I love how both stay sharp with minimum stropping... Thanks for making such great tools Paul!" -- William Flanders, Ochise, AZ (March 2014)

"Got the knife in the other day and took it for a test drive SHARP is an understatement!! I pulled out a piece of nasty hard leather that my other knife had troubles cutting and this thing moved through it like air!!! Now I'm wondering how I ever got any work done without it." --Allen Mewes, Lewiston, ID (April 2013)

"Loving every bit of the leather knife. Amazing works is an understatement! Thanks for the advice and kind patience." -- Anthony Pang, Singapore (February 2013)

"I have to tell you that I am just absolutely in love with the mini sam! You have designed such an ergonomically perfect tool! I have little hands and my other head knives just don't fit into my palm… and the sam is sooo beautiful! The pull cut feature is also awesome. Good Job!" --Teresa Precious, Canada (January 2013)

"My knife arrived today! Immediately, I tried my knife. This knife adapted itself to my hand perfectly. I was impressed! This knife had all the things I desire. This knife gave me an infinite possibility. This knife will become a partner of my whole life. Thank you for making a wonderful knife!" -- Kazuto, Japan (December 2012)

"I don't know how I could possibly manage without my knife!  Thank you so much for making me such a beautiful knife that fits my needs and preferences so perfectly!  I thought I was splurging when I bought it, but now it is so much a part of my life that I couldn't function without it.  The fact that it is so darned pretty too just makes me smile every time I look at it." -- Mary Girven, Albuquerque Leather, Albuquerque, NM (September 2012)

"I absolutely love this [Deeter Round] knife.  Not only is it as sharp as I wanted all my knives to be, it has a great shape and utility. Thanks for a great tool!" -- Norm Wear, Stillwater Tack Shop, Tacoma, WA (June 2012)

"The Round Knife is extremely sharp! I can cut the leather far easier than using a cutter. Even if it is a thick leather. I love the feeling of using the pull cut. I am able to use it to do fine cut in small turn. Thank you very much for the lower handle you make for me. It fits my palm perfectly!!" -- Ken Lau, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (May 2012)

"I really am impressed with my new LW round knife… what magic! The strap end cathedral cuts I've been unable to perfect are now a walk in the park.  I am so glad I opted for the pull cut feature - it really adds an extra dimension. The design is really effective especially for hands that aren't working at 100%. Being able to use it with my left hand when I am totally right hand dominant has just blown me away. The effectiveness of the ergonomic design of your knife is particularly apparent when in use and especially so when used by someone with reduced hand mobility/strength. Your knife really does make an amazingly controlled clean cut! It is so incredibly rare in this day and age to actually get what you paid for and much more so I take my hat off to you. Please keep up the good work." -- Jennifer Ashley, Victoria, Australia (February 2012)

"I love my new knife! You have done a wonderful job. Your craftsmanship is superb. It IS sharp as the dickens! Thank you for your beautiful work. I am very satisfied!" -- Tim Pinkos, Seiad Valley, CA (February 2012)

"I received the round knife last week, and I simply cannot stop using it!!!  It's too easy to use, and the handle is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thank you... You made my first custom knife order a wonderful experience." -- Cody Godden, Arlington, TX (December 2011)

"In the last 10 years of professional leather work, yours is the most advanced round knife pattern I have come across. It is an absolute pleasure to use every time I pick it up." -- Matt Whitaker, Frontier Gun Leather, Palm Springs, CA (June 2011)

"Hey guys, just put the round knife I bought thru some really thick saddle skirting and can honestly say "WOW" I am very impressed. This thing is sharp! Worth every dollar indeed." -- Lui Rayon, Daddy's Leather Supply, Miami, FL (June 2011)

"I've never had knives this sharp before, that fit my hand so well, and are SOOOOO pretty!!! Now I know what SHARP really means!!! And it matches the round knife I got earlier perfectly. You guys make awesome sharp stuff :o)"-- Clay Banyai, Badlands Leather Art, Belfield, ND (May 2011)

"Hoy me ha tocado cortar toda la tarde en mi taller…QUE CUCHILLA MAS EXTRAORDINARIA!!!!!!! (Translated to English: "Today I spent the entire day cutting in my shop... WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY KNIFE!!!!!!!") -- Pepin Vives, Knifemaker - 2G Knives, Palma de Mallorca - Spain (April 2011)

"The round knife is incredible!  It goes through 7-8 oz. leather with very little downward pressure and goes through 5 oz. with no downward pressure - just the weight of the knife." -- Troy Schesso, Blaine, MN (March 2011)

"Leather Wranglers, Inc has recently introduced  two new additions to their tool line , a round knife and a skiving knife. I purchased one of each and can now state the quality of these two new additions are just as outstanding as the Leather Wrangler SK3 swivel knife. Both the round and skiver were super sharp when received and they maintain this super sharp edge with normal stropping. Some of you who attended the IFoLG show at St. Louis may have had the opportunity to see Paul and visitors to his booth making skives upon thin pieces of paper with both the round and skiving knives. The knives had previously seen much use for demo purposes upon various types of leather by both Paul and numerous visitors to the booth during the show. Did they receive special treatment prior to skiving paper? No, just a light strop . The new additions are simply outstanding as to quality and as an added bonus a heap of beauty." -- Jim Hay, Cary, MS (November 2010)

"I have one of Leather Wranglers new round knives and it is THE knife I use now. It holds an edge better than any of the other knives I have had. It cuts, skives, juliennes, and dices! The pull cut is very helpful, though I did have to change the way I hold my hands when I use Paul's knife, on other knives I would use my thumb from the hand not holding the knife to help push the back of the blade. Don't want to do that with Paul's knife! The curve of the handle is great, makes for a better feel and is easier to control when cutting. The knife is worth the price in the time it will save in not having to strop it as often. Paul is a good friend of mine and I highly recommend his tools!" -- Clay Miller, Temple, TX (November 2010)

"I have the Leather Wranglers Round Knife with a custom redwood fiddleback handle and it's not only beautiful, but it's the best I’ve ever used - bar none! It’s completely functional and sexy! I’ve used several different head knives, but this is the first one with a pull cut - it is by far the coolest additions I’ve ever seen on a knife - and I find myself using it more and more than anything else. It holds an edge and cuts so well that I have also been using it as a trim knife." -- Danny Castaneda, Austin, TX (November 2010)

Customer Testimonials - SK3 Swivel Knife

"I bought a swivel knife and a few blades from you a few months ago. I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I love them. They have been the best carving tools I've ever owned and have really helped me step my game up. Thank you for making something that can truly be called a tool." -- Zane Nichols, Tucson, AZ (February 2016)

" I'm excited to have the absolute BEST tools and to know that these will be cherished by generations to come... Just think about my future grandchildren (my son is 6) learning leather and using grandpa Josh's LW swivel saying that is what he made that guitar strap for Jamey Johnson with! :) ...I know without a doubt they'll appreciate the amazing art that comes through just looking at your tools...let alone the magic with using them. You should take a great deal of pride in knowing you are putting that in our hands. You are one of the best makers out there sir. And to have a matching totally custom set??? It is something dear to my heart. Your customer service is only outmatched by your quality. Whether they're for a hobbyist or a full time professional/master - your tools are a must have and you treat everyone the same." -- Josiah Stevens, Stevens Leather Co., St. Louis, MO (August 2014)

"Wow… I’m speechless! So many things I want to say. Quality is definitely the best. If you’re a leather worker it’s a must that you check it out, you will not regret it… Thanks Paul!" -- Mariano Garcia, Waco, TX (March 2014)

"Your knives are beyond beautiful and functional. I love mine." -- Rick Henry, Superstition Leather, Apache Junction, AZ (March 2014)

"Absolutely one of the best tool investments I have made thus far..." -- Dan Dack, Mountain Home, ID (March 2014)

"I just received my order... I am absolutely in love with you right now!!! I am so grateful that I heard about you through the forums. I can't wait to do my next project with my new knives. The quality puts to shame the best knife I had previously. Based on these, I am dying to receive my Little Sam. Thanks for adding more fun to my hobby!!!" -- MT Schwartz, Powell, OH (February 2013)

"I'm forever grateful on what I've been able to achieve with the knife… I’ve had it over a year now and doesn’t yet need sharpening. Pretty amazing… razor sharp blade really saved me." -- Drew Yeo, Drews Custom Leather, Florence, AZ (January 2014)

"I purchased an SK-3 swivel knife from you at the Pendleton leather show... I got home and could not wait to use the swivel knife. I grabbed some scrap leather and went to town. What a difference it was to be able to use the knife without it being too tall, and it just cut through leather like butter!! I now know that this knife will be the one I will grab every time now. Great knife." -- Ed Farmer, Pendleton, OR (November 2012)

"Hands down the best swivel knives on the market! I don't use anything but Paul's knives and blades. no other knives or blades on the market compare. Plus Paul is great about making custom blades to your specifications." --Kyle Landas, Marshalltown, IA (November 2012)

"I recently received my SK-3 and finally had a chance to "break her in" this past weekend. To actually become the proud owner of such a fine cutting instrument was a thrill only a fellow leather worker could understand or appreciate. In fact, as I was replacing it back in the handy little holster after the initial "test drive," my first thought was "Wow, what a knife!" Now I find my consideration of new project ideas centered around carving, just so I can use my new SK-3 once again. Did I say "Wow....what a knife yet"?!.......Well, some things deserve repeating. Thank you for your craftsmanship." -- Clarence Johns, Lexington, KY (October 2012)

"...just love the knife, and blade. Many ThankYooz" -- Peter Main, Houston, TX (July 2012)

"I've had the SK-3 for several months and it makes a world of difference, less stropping, deep clean cuts, light weight and it’s so easy to make tight curves due to the ball bearings and comfortable grip. The blades are the best I've used!" -- Paul Klassmann, Herefordshire, U.K. (July 2012)

"Wow been using my SK3 for a week now. Love it, definitely worth the money. I'll be ordering another soon!" -- Daniel Vera, Fremond, CA (February 2012)

"Enjoying my new SK-3 swivel knife. It carves leather like a hot knife through butter. Best swivel knife I have used. Thanks!" -- Philip Carlson, Carlson Leather Craft, Ames, IA (August 2011)

"I LOVE MY NEW SWIVEL KNIFE!!!!! Due to my "regular job" I haven't gotten to use it as much as I would like, but the few timse I have used it I just love it.  I got one of the breast cancer ones and that makes me feel even better when I use it. Thanks again. You guys are the best." -- Karen Dunbar, Cody Leatherworks, Cody, WY (July 2011)

"I have to say... that it is absolutely the best swivel knife I've ever used!  I had some old skirting that is hard & stiff -- it was so hard, that after doing the normal pattern "tap-off" procedure I could hardly see the outline.  The knife cut that old stuff with no problem... so I can just imagine how it's going to be cutting on some good leather that's cased properly! Great knife!! It's Purdy too!!' -- Ed the "BearMan" LaBarre, Beaufort, SC (April 2011)

"All I can say is WOW!¡!.... I read many reviews of your swivel knife and heard nothing but positive things... It's infinity times better than how good I heard it was already... blade cuts crazy smooth." -- Andrew Aldape, Fresno, CA (April 2011)

"The SK-3 made a world of difference for me. Sharp, glides through the leather, and makes it easier to alter the depth of my cuts. Great service too." -- David Byland, Shawnee, OK (January 2011)

"It is by far the easiest knife I've ever used... Thanks for making such a beautiful easy to use tool. Wish I had found you 35 years ago." -- Etsy "galeatherlady", Hartwell, GA (January 2011)

"I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!!. The knife is light weight, adjustable, choice of barrel diameters, choice of yoke style... and it cuts like butter." -- Debbie Swank, Ottawa, KS (November 2010)

"Your knife is quite the Cadillac of cutting devices... I love the blade - it is  a dream to work with." -- Christie Fisher, Valley Village, CA (May 2010)

"I have two of the barrels and four blades. These knifes are a must for any leather crafter. They stay sharper, cut smoother and deeper than any other knife I own." -- William Elliott, Early, TX (April 2010)

"I gave the SK3 swivel knife a tryout... I am TRULY impressed! It slid thru the leather like a hot knife thru butter! The only other blade I have used that even comes close to yours is a well honed ceramic blade. I wish I had known how easily your knives work, sooner, as they make it so much easier on these stiff knuckles of mine."  -- Doug Mayo, Vanceboro, NC (April 2010)

"I've had my knife for a week, and today was the first time I have had any time to use it. I'm sorry I waited this long. The "Al Gould" SK-3 has got to be the finest swivel knife I have used in over 40 years of leather work. Thanks, Paul and keep up the great work."  -- Phil Reid, N. Little Rock, AR (February 2010)

"Just want you to know how much I've enjoyed using my new swivel knife I bought from you at the Federation Show in Indy. I've traded it for my favorite ceramic blade and I don't regret it at all. Thanks for being there Paul, and I'll be ordering from you again." -- Joe Talbott, Pueblo, CO (December 2009)

"I thought the 3/8" barrel swivel knife I bought last year with its narrow 3/16" angled blade was the nazz. This year I bought the 1/2" barrel with the 3/8" blade and I fell in love all over again! I can't wait for my next project! Thank you!" -- Brent Howard, Fort Wayne, IN (September 2009)

"Good tools are not necessarily as expensive as first perceived." -- Bonnie Dunnewind, Indianapolis, IN (September 2009)

"The SK3 is the only swivel knife I use now, with the exception of hair blades and a double borders I have in other handles. I tried to use my old favorite with a ceramic blade, but put it down so fast my wife thought I cut myself!" -- Casey Jordan, Casey Jordan Saddles & Leather, Phoenix, AZ (July 2009)

"Your swivel knives are the only ones that I have been using lately and like the way they hold an edge and cut so smoothly." -- Phil Keller, Fort Collins, CO (June 2009)

" I love the SK-3. It is almost the only swivel knife I use anymore. From time to time I still pick up one of the others, but the SK-3 is my primary blade." -- Randahl Gustafson, Lubbock, TX (April 2009)

"I am totally sold on your swivel knife. I have been practicing every day with it.  My decorative cuts look 100% better..." -- Tom Barkley, Litchfield Park, AZ (April 2009)

"I can't believe it! I carved a day and a half and still haven't had to strop the blade!" -- Bob Park, Phoenix, AZ (March 2009)

"I use my [5] Ruby tipped swivel knives 'cause they're the best I have found. I have several ceramic blades and use them and the Ruby tipped ones were my favorite. When I ordered one of your knives last Saturday, you asked me to compare it to my Ruby tipped and let you know which handles best. I'd rather eat my shoe than admit my favorite Ruby tipped blades were out performed but I have to admit the SK-3 did its job and performed beautifully, and be careful of the pressure you use when carving. I didn't use very much pressure on my Ruby blades at all but the same amount of pressure on the same weight leather cut way deeper, and on leather I use for embossing 4 to 5oz, it cut through and I couldn't even feel it cut through it, so I have to use a lighter touch when carving. Thanks for a great knife and blade. -- Karl Wichern, Tecumseh, NE (March 2009)

"The new swivel knives are great. I have never used anything like them before. I think you have really made the perfect tool." -- Robb Stewart, Seymour, TX (February 2009)

"I tried the SK-3 swivel knives on 2 separate occasions and still wasn’t completely sold. But after a session of Paul explaining the wear differences, I decided to get one to try at home. I used it on some practice scraps, then started using it on a project with curvy letters. I decided to switch to an angle blade for the tight curves. When I did, I noticed a big difference in the amount of drag. The SK-3 glided through the leather with less effort. I have blades from other makers, and they all had about the same drag. This has been a problem for me in the past. My hand would fatigue and cramp-up, and I would take frequent brakes. With this blade, I’m able to complete the carving and my hand still feels good... I would recommend anyone looking for a better swivel knife blade to sit down and compare their favorite blade side-by-side with an SK-3. 'Feel the difference.'" -- Steven Morrison, MSgt, USAF, Morrison Custom Leather, Hill AFB, UT (February 2009)

"Thanks for making a great product. I received my SK3 swivel knife (Badlands...) and have used it on every project since. The light weight barrel and straight blade (which rarely needs to be stropped) is a perfect fit for me, I find that I can carve longer with not having my hand cramp up. I will definitely be getting more blades..." -- Tom Fagan, Monroe, NC (February 2009)

"I wanted to say how much I am enjoying my swivel knife... I LOVE IT!  If every beginner like me started out with this knife there would be a lot more of us still out there. It has been great fun to use my little green machine! " -- Nihla McCabe, Cortez, CO (February 2009)

"I love my first (SK-3) swivel knife so much it's the only one I want to use. Now I have to order a second one so that I don't have to switch out blades... Thanks for a great knife!" -- Stacie Lancaster, Manhattan, KS (February 2009)

"The thing that impressed me was the fact that I carved with it for over 30 minutes on a piece of HO and never had to strop it. I think what I like about your knives besides staying sharp a long time is that the blade is longer and it is easier to see your work and not shaded by the barrel of the swivel knife." –- Randy Cornelius, Cornelius Saddlery, LaCygne, KS (February 2009)

"This knife ROCKS! It's one of the coolest tools in my shop and I LOVE it!" --Denice Langley, Cortez, CO (February 2009)

"Just wanted you to know how much better it works than the ceramic blade I have been using. It almost looks as if I know what I am doing now. Can't thank you enough..." --Harry Knipe, Grand Junction, CO (February 2009)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your swivel knife... I was able to use it for 6 hours and felt no cramps in my hand. I average 20 hours a week on my leather work and to find a knife I like and feels good is a pleasure to say the least." -- Kevin Adams, Asheville, NC (January 2009)

"Thanks for making such a beautiful knife. I'm so surprised how light it is. I have to let up on how hard I carve because this knife cuts like no other knife I've ever used. It is a joy to use. I am a happy customer." -- Mike Gootee, Louisville, KY (January 2009)

"It takes me a while to warm up to a swivel knife! Anyway... I decided to bite the bullet and give the SK3 a whirl. I stropped out of habit, but in honesty I never felt a change from start to finish with the blade. I AM SOLD!" -- Steve Carter, Hides to Art, Asheville, NC (January 2009)

"I bought a new knife in September from Leather Wranglers and I'll never ever go back to anything else. I have the narrow barrel and the 3/16 angled blade. I can play around almost as I want to, I don't even have to change the placement of the leather, backwords, upside down... It's possible. I have a few ruby blades I really liked but since this one, even they have to take a step back. I know it's more than most want to pay but, for me personally it was well worth it... this 'little gadget' has made my carving life soooo much easier, faster and more fun." -- Tina Croff, Leather Fantasy, Davison, Michigan (December 2008)

"The Swivel Knife is great. I can cut the leather more beautiful and easier." -- Michiko Matsuda, Atelier Michiko, Japan (December 2008)

"Holy Sh__!!" - Judith Ortego, J-Cro Saddlery, Carlsbad, NM (October 2008)

"It’s amazing. The Sk-3 is really sharp and has a pretty smooth cutting. The movements are smooth and the results are clear. I’m so happy with the SK-3 performance. I love it!" --Marcelo Braido Dario, Sao Paulo, Brazil (July 2008)

"Paul makes a very fine swivel knife. His knives have a much better 'feel' to them than my other swivel knives. The only work required to maintain the edge on these is normal stropping. These blades are every bit as good as or better than any on the market. If you have an opportunity to 'test drive' one at a show do so." -- Jim Hay, Cary, MS (March 2008)

If you'd like to help us tell others, please let us know... we welcome and encourage your honest feedback.

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