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Want to gift that special someone but not sure what they need? Why not give them a personalized Gift Certicate and let them choose! For more details, contact us.

Check out our SK-3™ Swivel Knife and all the different combinations! You get to choose your blade size, barrel size and color, and the yoke size. They're height adjustable, lightweight, and the blades hold an edge and cut ultra smooth ~ which means you spend less time sharpening. This quality tool has all the features you need for a comfortable and fun leather carving experience. *** Please read what some of our customers are saying about the SK-3 Swivel Knife.

Also, see our short demo videos about how to sharpen your SK-3 swivel knife blade and some of the things you can do with the Leather Wranglers Round Knife and Skiver.

Need a sharpening stone or rouge? We stock Arkansas Translucent stone, EZE-Lap and DMT diamond benchstones, and our favorite honing compound for all your tool steel stropping needs.

Selecting the product description will give you more product information and take you to our shopping cart. (Please note: Colors will vary from monitor to monitor)

BadLands Black
Bordeaux Red
Royalty Blue
Santa Fe Turquoise
California Gold
Sea Foam Green
Hi-Yo Silver

SK-3 BladesWe also stock blades to fit Tandy Std. sized barrels. Contact us for other custom requests.

Awl of Spades

Peter Main Round Knife


LW Whackers
choose wood & weight
Starts at $70
Awl of Spades
Starts at $175 ea.
Leather Wranglers Round Knife  

Leather Wranglers Skiver

  Deeter Round Knife   Tranto trim knife  
LW Round Knife
Starts at $275
LW Skiver
Starts at $250
LW Deeter Knife
Starts at $275
LW Tranto Trim Knife
Starts at $250
The Rhino  

The A.P.T.

  The Mini Sam   The Mini Lui  
LW Deeter Rhino
Starts at $275
LW A.P.T. trim knife
Starts at $175
LW Mini Sam
Starts at $250
LW Mini Lui
Starts at $250
DG Trim Knife  


  LW Rhino Round Knife   Draw Gauge Blades  

LW "DG" Trim Knife
Starts at $250

LW Guppy
Starts at $150
LW Rhino
Starts at $275
Standard price for knives include Stainless Steel or Solid Brass pins on ergonomic handles made of beautifully durable, stablized Dymond wood. Below are some colors for you to choose from. Click on picture to enlarge.

Custom Wood handles are also available for an extra $40.00.
Click here to see Maple, Burl, and other wood handle blanks.
Presenting... two of our new Performance Essentials Products

Performance Essentials Round Knife
    LW Performance Essentials Round Knife
Price: $157 ea.

SK-B Performance Essentials Swivel Knife
Price: $90 ea.

White/Translucent Arkansas Bench Stone
Green Rouge

EZE-LAP 8"x2" or 11 3/8"x2.5" Diamond Benchstones Extra Fine
Starting at: $48 ea.

  DMT 8" Dia-Sharp Benchstone Extra-Extra Fine
Price: $84 ea.

White/Translucent Arkansas Bench Stone
Price: $135 ea.

  Green Micro Fine Honing Compound
Price: $12 ea.
#3 Scalpel Handle  
#11 Scalpel Blade
Keen Edge Sharpener

#3 Scalpel Handle
Price: $3.95 ea.

  #11 Scalpel Blade
Price: $2.95 (10)
Price: $12.95 (50)
Price: $19.95 (100)
Price: $24.95 (150)
  Keen Edge Sharpening Fixture
Price: $15 ea.

Price: $19 ea.


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“Uncompromised quality in custom, hand-carved leather craft, tools, and accessories.”