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Featured Artist: Phil Keller

Phil Keller

Phil Keller was inspired as a very young boy sitting on the knee of a friend of the family as he carved leather. At about age 7 and with a Lucky Seven set of tools for a Christmas present from his parents, Phil started tooling on his own. Having grown up on a ranch in the sand hills of Nebraska, he is a self-taught leather carver and made all of his spending money during high school tooling belts and billfolds. After college, 4 years in the Air Force, and a lifelong career as a Mechanical Engineer, Phil retired and got back to doing more and different leather projects.

Phil carves mostly Al Stohlman, his only resource being Al Stohlman books. He continues to grow and develop his own unique style. Some of his projects include embossed leather pictures, plain and carved purses, chaps, saddle bags, a saddle, and lots of repair projects.

He currently is the secretary for the Columbine Leather Guild and a member of the Colorado Saddle Makers Association.

Contact Information:
Phillip Keller
5108 Greenway Dr.
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

(970) 229-1911


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