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Featured Artist: Paul Brinegar

Paul Brinegar

My name is Paul Brinegar. I had my first encounter with leather craft in Cub Scouts, the same way most leather crafters did and still do. Like most Cub Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts, I put leather away and did other things. 

Sometime during my 23-year Naval career, I became frustrated with the plastic checkbook covers that the banks always give you. I decided that I could fix the situation and went to my local Tandy dealer and picked up a checkbook cover kit and the recommended tools. A few days later I had turned out a fairly decent leather checkbook cover. No more having to get a new plastic cover every three months.

I continued working with leather until I retired from the Navy, and then went to work for The Leather Factory, later named Tandy Leather Factory.

Many artists have been instrumental in my progress as a leather crafter. Chief among them is Billy Wootres, a master saddle maker and leather artist whose guidance and uncompromising criticism has made me accept only the best work that I can create. Others who have helped me along the way are Jim Linnell, Chan Geer, Bob Beard, and Tony Laier, as well as every student that I have taught.

I have worked with leather for about 25 years and have served in numerous capacities with the New Mexico Roadrunners Leather Artisans Guild in Albuquerque. I am also the Chair of the Board of Directors with the International Internet Leather Guild.

Contact Information:

Paul E. Brinegar


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“Uncompromised quality in custom, hand-carved leather craft, tools, and accessories.”