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Featured Artist: Marcelo Braido Dario

Marcelo Braido Dario

I´m from São Paulo, Brazil and started carving leather in 2003 in order to develop my own tacks and gear. I do calf roping as a hobby. During a rodeo I was talking to a friend, named Dão, who owns a saddle shop for more than 20 years, and he told me that he would show me how leather tools work. So I went to his shop -- and that was my first contact with leather craft.

Because we don´t have stores where we can buy leather craft supplies in Brazil, I began searching the internet to find out where I could buy leather craft tools and get some instruction. That is when I found DVDs by George Hurst. I purchased some and started working with leather as best as I could understand it and make it my own. My passion in leather craft increased, so in 2006 I thought, “Why don´t I call George and ask him if it would be possible to take some classes with him?” After I called him and he agreed, I went  to Fort Worth, TX, and since then my skills have improved. That same year I became a member of the Lone Star Leather Crafter Guild.

In 2007, I went to the International Federation of Leather Guilds (IFoLG) show in Fort Worth, TX, and attended a lot of workshops with several other masters of the leather craft. In 2008, I went to the IFoLG Show in Columbus, Ohio where I became a Master Leather Craftsman.

Since we don't have any information about leather carving in Brazil, I have started a web site to show Brazilians how they can begin learning and enjoying leather craft. 

Contact Information:

Marcelo Braido Dario
Phone: (11) 3318-4550
FAx:  (11) 4227-1270


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